We Don’t Need Another Ride-Hailing App In Pakistan

In the last decade or so we have only seen innovation from the public sector in Burger Joints, Dhaabas, Ice cream parlors, and TV programs. Every time I open my Facebook I see people discussing food, dramas, celebrities, and sports. Where are we heading towards? Why is it so rare to see any efforts made towards scientific research, improved agriculture techniques, saving the environment, education, and healthcare from the public sector (excluding projects at college and university level)?

The worse part is, nobody seems to be bothered about this. We are either not producing such individuals or they are leaving rapidly for a better foreign opportunity. My question is, why are we so invested in unnecessary things when our future is at stake? What’s stopping us from doing what matters? And what will make us do things significant for our sustainability and the future of this country?

From education to healthcare; everything is commercialized. Our education system is corrupted and there’s a whole mafia controlling it. Poor education is being given to our children which adds nothing valuable. Healthcare is even worse. My whole point is; can we do better than another ride-hailing service? When there are so many opportunities in so many sectors.

Pakistan’s income through IT is approximately $1 billion/year where India has approximately $142 billion / year. One can argue that they are more in numbers and have better government support; still, the difference is overwhelming! The mainstream institutions are teaching the syllabus which is decades old and is mainly irrelevant to the modern era.

Being a part of the IT industry, I came across many individuals who are capable of doing amazing things but unfortunately, none of them is willing to take on the challenge or dare to disrupt their comfort zone. The rise in tech is vivid and can also be seen in various boot camps, hackathons, and workshops. And I’m hopeful that in the next five years or so we will produce great innovators, scientists, and businessmen.

Presently, what bothers me the most is that our society lacks individuals like Abdul Qadeer Khan, Abdus Salam, Ishfaaq Ahmed, and many as such. Back then, these individuals had a huge fanbase at colleges and universities. Students wanted to be the next AQ Khan or Parvez HoodBhoy. These individuals were followed and studied not just because of their work but to get inspired. Again, I’m talking about masses and I have nothing against the people who are happy in doing what they are doing as long as they are contributing to the betterment of their homes, neighborhood, and society. 

I think it’s time we batten down for future challenges and steer ourselves in the right direction. We should praise our heroes and more importantly encourage those who are trying. As a nation, it is our duty to strive for the prosperity of this country which is impossible without bringing a positive change within.

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