15 Simple Things That Anyone Can Do to Make Their Life Better And More Productive

We strive every day for a better life where we could enjoy the little things life has to offer. Perfect balanced life may not exist but near to perfection is always attainable. It does not matter what your current status, age, and profession are; having a balanced, happy, and healthy life is important.

The 15 things I am about to share in this article are easy to follow and commit to. I totally understand how challenging it is to follow a specific regime but trust me this different. Almost all of us are already doing this and improving it should not be a problem. 🙂

1. Proper Sleep

Sleeping resets you both mentally and physically. It is essential to have enough night sleep for optimum performance. Improper sleep routine can cause health issues and affects productivity. Replacing resting hours with work is not a wise decision as the cost you pay for it over time is huge.

2. Healthy Diet

Having healthy regular meals every day can do good beyond your imagination. It is food that keeps us going but stuffing yourself with unhealthy food does not only harm your body but it also makes you lethargic and unproductive. So, think about it before placing your next order.

3. Keep Away From Toxic People

A person is judged by the company he keeps” – a famous proverb which tells us to stay close with the people who can teach us, guide us, make us happy, and above all give positive vibes. If you seek a better life then getting rid of toxic people is essential. Identify these people at the workplace, among friends, and in the neighborhood to keep a safe distance.

4. Set Goals

Setting a realistic goal is very important as it gives some meaningful purpose for every action we do in our lives. It does not have to be unrealistic but should be challenging and motivating enough to keep you going.

5. Organize

Frustration arises when you fail to keep track of things. Working hard is great but with no direction is foolish. Organize with any tool or technique you see fit for yourself. You can maintain a diary or a notebook or sticky notes to organize your day-to-day tasks. Revisit these resources to keep yourself aligned and make necessary adjustments to accommodate any new changes.

6. Be Grateful

Gratitude is a blessing in disguise. Whatever your current situation is; there is always something to be thankful for. Look out for these small things, take a few minutes and think what will happen if you do not have these things in life? Gratitude helps you relax and gives you the feeling of fulfillment which is anti-depression and eventually helps you with productivity.

7. Charity

“Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead.” Thomas Aquinas

Giving away always feels better. Help those who are in need, with money, skills, suggestions or just by spending time listening to them. The best part about charity is that even though you are giving away – you feel richer.

8. Community

Let’s face it, we are social animals and can not survive on our own. At some point, we lean on to the people we trust and share our space with. The best way to give back to our community is by volunteering. It may seem to have no direct impact on your life but think about the peace and harmony a happy and healthy community can provide.

9. Meditation

You don’t need to be a Yogi to meditate. Sometimes, sitting idle for just ten minutes can relax your mind and body. Sometimes just ‘doing nothing’ is what we need to get started again! I listen to moodil with my headphones on.

10. Laugh More

I’m surprised that I actually need to include this. When did we forget laughing!? Anyway, laugh. It is a great way to release stress and helps your body release the right type of endorphins which creates positive feelings.

Here’s a joke:

You don’t need a parachute to go skydiving. You need a parachute to go skydiving twice!

Not a good one, perhaps you can share some nice jokes in the comments below. 🙂

11. Exercise

Sweat those toxins out of the body by moving a bit more than usual. Take an evening stroll, run on a treadmill or do a few push-ups at home. Remember, exercise does not keep you physically fit but it also helps in enhancing brain activity and improves confidence.

12. Learn

Learn a new skill every now and then keep your mind and body active. Acquiring new skills develop a sense of accomplishment which boosts confidence and helps you stay focused and motivated.

13. Travel

We all love to travel but we seldom take the time out to actually go on a trip. It is great to take some time off by going on a road trip, cooling off at some beach or camping near a lake. Nature re-energizes the body and refreshes the mind.

14. Make Mistakes; Take Lessons; Repeat!

Success is not guaranteed but you can increase your chances by learning from your mistakes and by replicating the strategy of those who have succeeded already. Choose a mentor, seek guidance, work smart and pivot until you achieve your goal.

15. Read More

We all need to remember the solace of book reading during school breaks or bedtime. Books give you a temporary escape from the daily hectic routine and reduce stress by stimulating the imagination. Remember, when was the last time you read a book?

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